segunda-feira, abril 12, 2004


Buried Bones

I could take all the craziness out of you
That's what I loved you for
Take away all the oranges, greens and blues
That's what I loved you for
Take a look at me
You think it really could be that easy?
I mean, take a look at me
You think it really could be that easy for you?
I know about guys, I know where they live
And you're just the same
The ones that matter fight against themselves
But it's so hard to change
Hey, I could love you
Take all that love away from you
Hey, I could love you
Put you in this box I've made for two
So you could take all this craziness out of me
That's what you love me for
Well, I don't mean to laugh
But if you know all this
You must be halfway there
Well, like that dress tonight, you won't know as it falls from you
Turn around and it's winter, darling
Look in the mirror and it won't be you
So you're an old, old dog
You've been around the block
So many times
And it's the same old turns
Same old feelings straight down the line
Yeah, I can love you
Grab that leash and drag you to a place you'd never know
I know where my bones are buried
May take me a while, but I'd find my way home


não. não consigo decidir qual é a minha música favorita dos tindersticks. pode ser esta, a anterior, a próxima, todas as que este homem canta...